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SG300-20 help...


A year ago I bought this new switch for a small business.  I just plugged it in unmanaged mode and all was well. Everything was running internally at 1GBs speed.    About a month ago the clients complained about network speed. I checked the Local Area Connection speed on the new win 2008 server and it was 10MBs.  I checked the workstations (all new) and some of them were at 100MBs and a couple were still at 1GBs.  I rebooted the switch and the server jumped up to 100MBs.  Some client pcs were still at 100MBs some at 1GBs.  All lights on the switch were indicating GB speed.  I then plugged the slower pcs into unused ports on the switch and they immediately jumped to GB.   I then did the same with the server and it jumped to GB.   It seems that some of the ports are only running at 100MBs.  Today I log on and the server is back down to 100MBs although I saw it at GB last night.

What is going on?   Is this funcitionality by design in unmanaged mode. If I set the switch up in managed mode will this behaviour cease?  Is the switch failing?   If setting up in managed would help correct the situation I need help as I do not know how to  correctly setup the switch myself.




SG300-20 help...

Hi Nigel,

Luckily the switch has many things going for it.

1.  It's a managed switch and you can set switch ports and associated PCs and Servers and switched ports to fixed speeds rather than autonegotuiate link speeds.  This would remove auto negotiation of speed and duplex issues.

2.  It has a tremendous warranty and you have the ability to speak to a human that can help diagnose if the switch is working well or not.

Why not avail yourself of the wonderful hard working folks  at our small business support centers and call or " click to chat."

Regards Dave

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