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SG300-20 LAG issues

Hello everyone, I have two switches, SG300-20 and SRW224G4P

At first I only had the SRW switch and had all my workstations and servers connected to it.  I installed the new SG300-20 a few weeks ago.

I have all my servers connected to the SG300-20 gigabit ports and then all my workstations connected to the SRW switch.

Users have been complaining of slowness since the new switch. 

If I plug users into the SG300 switch they noticed a defenite speed increase.

I have been trying to set up LAG between both switches but have had no luck.

On the SG300 I will disable auto negotiation on the two ports I want to use for the LAG.

I will then configure the LAG to use those two ports.  And I have tried with Auto Negotation both on and off the LAG.

Once I set up the LAG and have both network cables plugged in, I will start to get packet drops when pinging a server.  I noticed this when pinging from the SRW switch and while on the SG300 switch.

I then configured LAG on the SRW to see if that would make a difference and had the same results.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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