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SG300-28 doesn't respond with ICMP-11 time exceeded

I've just installed an SG300-28 (v01) switch configured in layer 3 mode with firmware. It's working just fine except that when running a traceroute across the switch, it does not respond with an ICMP-11 time exceeded packet. Is this a known issue with this switch? Does this behavior persist in the current 1.2.5 firmware?



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Re: SG300-28 doesn't respond with ICMP-11 time exceeded

Hello Randall, The switch should never respond with an ICMP-11 unless there is an ACL or a spanning-tree loop of some sort. If the the TTL is expiring then it should return the ICMP type 11.

If you take a computer directly to the switch in L2 or L3 with only a window computer the tracert will go through successfully.

In addition, lets make an example:

You have 3 switches in layer 3. If you tracert from a computer from the first switch to the last switch there are 3 hops. If you perform a ping (3rd switch IP) -i 2 then you will receive an error the the ping drop in transit.  This is true for a L2 and L3 hop.

What program or platform are you using and do you expect the TTL to expire on a situation where there is only a computer + switch or how many network hops does your network consist of and if you try to follow the hops, if you deliberately set the TTL 1 hop below the switch, what is the response?

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