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SG300-28P Running - DHCP Problems

I have a SG300-28P running which is configured in L3 mode.  This unit is running its DHCP service for my LAN hosts.

I've only set up a part of my /24 LAN subnet as the DHCP scope and have statically configured a number of LAN hosts to use specific IP addresses in this subnet, based on MAC address.  For these reserved addresses I have used addresses outside the range used for the DHCP scope.

Here's an example:

ip dhcp server
ip dhcp pool host some-host-1
address hardware-address b8:c7:5d:c7:f9:5e
ip dhcp pool host some-host-2
address hardware-address 20:c9:d0:9a:a2:fb
ip dhcp pool network LAN
address low high
domain-name home.local

However, what I'm seeing is the static hosts are being allocated addresses from the thru 253 block (with the MAC Address/Client Identifier being shown with the correct MAC address but with a "01:" prefix).

Also I'm seeing a few (declined) entries which look similar to this " Client Identifier c0.a8.6f.e2 2014-Mar-18 12:01:24 Dynamic Declined", i.e. with a MAC address with just a XX.XX.XX.XX hex format.

Any thoughts.


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Hi Ian, I believe you may not

Hi Ian, I believe you may not be using client identifer correctly. Use the client-identifer command and affix the 01 or the 00 in the command string.


client-identifer 01:20:c9:d0:9a:a2:fb

See if this will work.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
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Hi Tom,I changed my statics

Hi Tom,

I changed my statics from "hardware address <mac address>" to "client identifier 01:<mac address>" and that seems to work.  What I don't understand is what was wrong with my MAC address configuration.

Also I'm still seeing some strange declined entries with short MAC addresses (i.e. XX.XX.XX.XX).

Thanks again. 

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I've done some more testing

I've done some more testing.

So using "address <ip-address> <subnet> hardware-address <mac address>" doesn't work.

Using "address <ip-address> <subnet> client-identifier 01<mac address>" does match the IP to the MAC but then the default gateway & dns settings are not inherited from the DHCP scope.

so I have to have configuration like this for every static host:

ip dhcp pool host <name>
address <ip-address> <mask> client-identifier 01<mac-address>
default-router <ip-address>
dns-server <ip-address>




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Hi Ian, I did test this issue

Hi Ian,


I did test this issue with my own switch. I got same issue as well.  Please contact Cisco support center. 1-866-606-1866




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I am having almost the same

I am having almost the same problem on Cisco SG300-28.

-Single default VLAN1 in L3 with 192.168.100.x/24 network, Switch IP
-Router/ISP modem's running NAT with LAN IP
-DHCP configured and assigning IP addresses to client machines from start of pool
-But static reservations for client machines is NOT working with MAC/hardware addresses, haven't tried with Client IDs yet.

Q1-Is only option to configure static reservations is through client IDs?
Q2-If so what will be the client IDs for MacBookPro, iphones and android devices? (I understand that windows devices have client IDs as 00 & 01:MACaddress
Q3-Do I have to make each static entry with Default-Router & DNS for all devices when using Client IDs? (I already have pool configured to assign default gateway and dns , which works well with dynamic DHCP clients)

P.S. I am doing all configuration through GUI, am I missing out on any important feature via GUI?


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Same issue here - when trying

ok - found a solution to a very similar, but not quite the same issue. So if someone has issues with assignind static ips via DHCP take a look at this post:

Long way short: Don't enter a "Client Name". That makes the difference!

Works like charm then... THANK YOU for this.

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