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SG300-52 Continuous Reboot after TCP Congestion Avoidance engaged

Hi All,

I have an SG300-52 gigabit switch that has been constantly rebooting and is effectively unusable.

This started after Enabling TCP Congestion Avoidance, specifically:

Turned on TCP CA

Saved Running Config -> Startup Config

Rebooted Switch

Since then the switch has been rebooting roughly every half a minute, and the management (HTTP) interface is inaccessible. In addition the factory reset (i.e. reset button for greater than 10 seconds) does not make a difference.

I suspect that there is some bug with TCP CA that causes the switch to fail to start up, and that factory reset has failed to clear the startup config.

Does anyone know a method around this?

The switch's model/version is:

SRW2048-K9 V01



Re: SG300-52 Continuous Reboot after TCP Congestion Avoidance en

Hmm interesting

try the following to delete the startup-config, if the switch gives you the time to do it.

switch38cbaf#delete startup-config

Delete startup-config [y/n]? y


You haven't saved your changes. Are you sure you want to continue ? (Y/N)[N] Y

This command will reset the whole system and disconnect your current session. Do

you want to continue ? (Y/N)[N] Y

New Member

SG300-52 Continuous Reboot after TCP Congestion Avoidance engage

Unfortunately the switch's serial interface never reached the point that a login could occur, so I could not execute these commands. Thanks for the suggestions though.

I've since sent the switch back on warranty, but i would be interested to know if this error has occured for anyone else, I'll be avoiding that particular option on the new unit in any case .

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