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SG300-52 - only half of the ports are working

Just installed a new SG300-52 switch and discovered that the left half of the switch (GE1-GE12 and GE25-GE36 + GE 51 + GE52). The right half of the switch has problems establishing a link with almost any device connected (GE13-GE24, GE37-GE48 + GE49+ GE50). I did a factory reset, applied latest firmware and swapped cables.

The symptoms are (example): A CyperPower UPS Remote card plugged into the right half brings the interface up but there is no IP traffic established (ping fails, MAC address not in ARP cache). Plugged into the left side of the switch it works instantly. I have changed the Green Ethernet settings without any luck (that has caused issues before), no luck.

After the factory reset no further configuration has been set (except the password) - still no luck.

Since I did a factory reset, I am wondering if this could be a hardware defect.

Any ideas?

Community Member

Just wanted to add a few more

Just wanted to add a few more details:

- looking at the port counters showed that the transmit traffic worked, the receive traffic showed all 0

- I can take the same device and move it on the same switch or move it to another SG300 and it works.

All points to a hardware failure...

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