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SG300 configuration with sonicwall


I have two SG300 52port managed switches connected through a SonicWALL on two separate LAN ports X0 and X2. Per SonicWALL packets are being forwarded however, it appears they are being rejected by the switch on a separate interface. 


X0: cannot communicate with

Thank you 


Switches are only able to

Switches are only able to block traffic if: they are configured as an L3 device and/or have an ACL on them w/c can either me an L3 or L2 ACL. Unless you have configured any ACL on the switch try disabling that first.

BUT BUT BUT, most deployments dont have this and considering that's an SG300, that's just a flat switch i.e., all ports belong to the same VLAN. It is less likely that the switches are the switches

Do it like this to isolate the problem:
1. Connect a laptop on each end of the LAN side of your SonicWALL firewalls. Set the IP address/Subnetmask/Gateway as necessary. So in total, you have two(2) laptops, one on each LAN side of of your Firewall

2. To properly test this, disable the Windows Firewall on your computers. Im assuming your using windows computers.

3. Try pinging the laptops between each other. If there is no reply, well that's a config issue on your firewall. You might be missing an Policy, your VPN tunnel allowed networks is not set in your firewall

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