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sg300 define IP for VLAN

I have SG300 Switch running on L3 mode. I can`t assign IP to VLANS .when I try it through CLI or GUI switch crashes and needs reboot.

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Have your tried Below command

Have your tried


Below command


config# int vlan 2

config-int#ip address

config-int# do wr




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Hi skasiri, Am having the

Hi skasiri,

Am having the same problem that I losing connection after you assign IP to a Vlan. But lets try:
Lets say if your switch ip that you connect to is: which is default ip for switch.
And you try for example assign to your 2nd vlan and lost connection, you can try to change your ip on your PC to an ip in range of 2-254) if you can connect with try to check if your vlan been assign.

"Notice" if your vlan port to GE1, you need to connect your cable from pc to GE1 on the switch.

hope its help

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the easiest way IMO is to

the easiest way IMO is to default the switch, make sure you put it back in L3, set a static IP on your local machine, ie / /


Log in to the web GUI and set VLAN1 to a static IP of your choice.


From there, you won't have to worry about locking yourself out.  Been there, done that.

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