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SG300 Integrate to 3750X

Hi - I hope I've reached the right area. I'm after some assistance with the SG300 series of switches please.

I have a 3750X Switch which does InterVLAN Routing and I'm wanting to integrate this to a SG300 with a trunk.


- IP Routing with RIPV2 to other 3750X Series

- VLAN 2: Management / 24
- VLAN 10: Workstation / 24



I understand that the SG300 does not support VTP, so do I need to manually create the VLANS on the SG300? 

How do I:

- Create the management and workstation VLANS:
- Create a trunk back to the 3750X
- Create a default gateway back to the 3750X Management VLAN

Is this at all possible to integrate well? I'm more familiar with the command line than the GUI.


I'm finding this model of switch more pain than it's worth, but it was purchased due to cost reasons...


Thank you,





Hi First of all, though not

Hi First of all, though not an issue, try to migrate to another routing protocol XD
Legacy RIP is well legacy, be best you migrate to OSPF or EIGRP for future proofing.

In any case, SG300, typically is not that hard to understand.
If you look behind your SG300, it should have a serial RS232 console.
If you have the cable for it, then you can manage it through CLI. 

If you do not have that kind of cable, then access the device through its UI, configure basic settings,

1. like the Mgmt VLAN and its IP and its gateway.
2. Enable Telnet and/or SSH for CLI access

-CLI is pretty much the same as IOS with a few exceptions esp. in the show commands, through it would be easy to understood, just use the all reliable '?' :P

For  quick start guide, look at here:

In my exp. we have deployed a few of these switches and we access through through its console port.
Configuration is pretty much the same with IOS CLI so it was easy to learn. Again, if you do not have the cable, then pre-configure the device through its GUI, once you have the mangaement done, telnet/ssh to it ^_^

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