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SG300 IPv6 Interfaces and Layer 3

I am trying to configure a network for routing IPv6 on my SG300

Main requirements:

- The purpose of the network is for a Lab

- The use of IPv6 Unique local addresses should be used

- Leverage separate IPv6 subnets and vlans

(I am aware that broadcasts are no more with IPv6, but I still want to separate my IPv6 address space with subnets and leverage vlans)

- L3 Inter-vlan routing should be leveraged at the switch


Cisco SG300-10 Switch Notes:

- It appears that even though I can only add three IPv6 interfaces

- Each interface is using the same link local address

- One can not edit/delete/modify the link local address of an interface

- It appears that one can not add a unique local address (ULA) as only Local, Global, and anycast are given
  which forces me to add the ULA address as a Global address or an Anycast address

Cisco RVxxx Router Notes:

- It appears that only one IPv6 address can be created

- How does one associate an IPv6 with a VLAN?

- I dont know if the IPv6 DHCP will hand out address from the pools to the appropriate interfaces on the SG300


- The SG300 appears limited in its IPv6 abilities, I do not have a Cisco RV series router, but one is being looked into, if it can do what I want


If I had to "possibly" pull this off, I think this is what "might" meet my objectives

What I need to know is the following example will work to meet them?

If not is there something that I configure differently to do that?


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I added more information on

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