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sg300 IPv6 limitations?

Anyone have an opinion on this?


An sg300-10 configured in L3 mode.

There are 4 vlans defined (with 4 IPv4 addresses, though the sg300 is not routing -- other device does).

In IPv4 all works fine.

Trying to add IPv6 to my network I found out that:

- only one IPv6 address is allowed in sg300 and in only one interface/vlan or lag.

     o That was a (bad) surprise (I am sure you will say nowhere is written that the switch does IPv6 L3)

     o Fortunately enough I was not using the sg-300 to route, but then:

- only one vlan (the one with the ipv6 address configured) can be used. Ohter vlans without an IPv6 do not seem to behave correctly i.e.,  just acting as a L2 switch between vlan members (ipv6 traffic being forwarded to one directoin only).

I can provide a more detailed description of the setup if needed. Before waisting more time, wanted to ask if those limitations are known to others?

Many thanks in advace,


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sg300 IPv6 limitations?

I've encountered the same problem. +1 from me to add ipv6 static routing to the next firmware.

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sg300 IPv6 limitations?

It's extremely dissappointing that I bought this L3 switch with ipv6 support and find that it doesn't route ipv6.  There's nowhere in the documentation that states that the SG300 doesn't route ipv6 packets. 

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sg300 IPv6 limitations?

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sg300 IPv6 limitations?

It's true, they are mentioned.  Everything but ipv6 routing.  It's easy to miss and assume that it does because it's an L3 switch.  I know it's against marketing principles to mention something your product does not do, but it really should be explicitly mentioned for small business purchasers that have a limited grasp on technology terms.

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2 years later: has there any

2 years later: has there been any progress on this issue? Does the latest SG300 firmware support IPV6 routing or is this a feature we will never see on the SG300 switches?

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Any update from Cisco? We

Any update from Cisco? We have approx. 10 Cisco SG300 switches, can we expect more sophisticated IPV6 support (routing) in future firmware releases?

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+1I would like to know the


I would like to know the same thing


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fwiw, here is what I have

fwiw, here is what I have tinkered with so far


I know that we can use more than 1 IPv6 interface, but no more than 3 of them

SG300 Cannot enable IPv6 on the interface - the maximum number of interfaces 3 has already been used.


I havent put it all in play to see what is and isnt possible,

but this is where my thoughts are on a lab network

RVxxx series router IPv6 Interfaces and an SG300 Layer 3 switch


I noticed the all 3 of my IPv6 interfaces had the same Link Local address

and at first couldnt figure out how to change them

SG300 cant change the Link Local address for an IPv6 interface



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I have the same issue as well

I have the same issue as well.  I just finished splitting my company into multiple vlans using 802.11x, and now I'm finding that I can't use IPv6 any longer.

I have a spare 3560, but I don't think my company wants me using our spare router for our ASP production machines just to route a couple of VLANs.

I guess we won't have IPv6 for a while yet :(

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About the only possible SOHO

About the only possible SOHO grade L3 Switch I came across that does what we want Cisco to do is from HP.

For what its worth, Take a look at this model HP 1910-8G

I haven't actually played with one, but from reading the admin guides,

it "appears" to support routing for IPv6.

hi Guys

hi Guys

please be realistic. Having IPv6 routing capability in this model is almost impossible. In data sheet it is clearly stated that IPv6 support included in SG300 units is related to management access (that's the limitation to single (management-related) VLAN where you can configure IPv6 address).

As there is huge difference between IPv6 management-related capability and IPv6 routing capability, I am not even 1% optimistic that this will be included in any of future switch software releases.

There could be two reasons for decision not integrate IPv6 routing into SG300:

  • marketing-related (preferring expensive models), or
  • HW limitations. IPv6 routing could require special (and more expensive) ASICs to support IPv6 hardware-enabled routing which is simply not included in SG300 model hardware profile
Community Member that the new SG350 that the new SG350 switches are released, what about the IPv6 support? I assume they should be able to route between IPv6 (vlan) interfaces without any issues.

does anyone have experience with the new SG350 switches? can they handle dynamic public IPv6 prefixes that are assigned from an internet router (while the router itself receives the prefix from the provider and delegates it to the LAN)?

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