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SG300 Multicast routing and setup


I have some issues setting up 2 SG300 and IPTV MC-sources to work as expected.
I have 3 sources connected to an SG300-10 which also serves some clients in our network. The SG300-10 is connected to a SG300-28 which can be seen as our "main or central" switch where our servers and most of the clients are connected to.
I have

- enabled Bridge Multicast Filtering with Forwarding method IP group address, on both switches

- enabled IGMP snooping with default values + immediate leave, on both switches

- enabled IGMP querier on both switches and they elected the one with the lower IP as operational (as supposed)

- filtering unregistered MC on every port, on both switches

Basically, this works, for some of the streams. I found that it works for the streams that are somehow automagically detected and are listed in the IP Multicast Group Address listing in the SG300-10 which is connected to the sources.
Why are not all the streams detected and listed? Why do I have to add some manually?
(I did not have to setup these manually on the SG300-28. The automatic ones are always there and the other ones are added dynamically when viewed)

The listing in IGMP/MLD IP Multicast Group - as I understand it - should list all streams currently forwarded and which ports are included. On the SG300-10 I always only see the streams that have been detected automatically and only with its source port included, even if the stream is currently viewed on some ports of the SG300-28. Is this normal behavior? How do I see all streams that are currently forwarded?
(On the SG300-28 this behaves as expected. I can see exactly which port is included in which stream)

Another thing I don't understand: Why is the the link between the 2 SG300' flooded with all the data from every stream even if nobody on the SG300-28 is requesting or viewing any of the streams? This is flooding this link with unwanted and unneeded traffic. If nobody is requesting a stream on the SG300-28 it must be removed from the link.

The link port between the SG300-10 and the SG300-28 is listed as dynamic MRouter port from the SG300-10 point of view. The SG300-28 does not list any port as MRouter.

There seems to be a configuration issue. I had 2 low cost Netgear switches in place of these SG300' before and none of the above happened. With the Netgear I simply activated IGMP snooping with Querier and all worked out of the box.
I somehow don't believe that this is not possible with these SMB switches.

Thanks for any suggestions or a link to a guide on how to set up these switches for MC operation.

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Really? Nobody has any input

Really? Nobody has any input for me on that? sad

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Bump ... or how do I file a

Bump ... or how do I file a support request?

Whatever I do, it simply does not work as (IMHO) supposed!

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Bump again !Nobody here that

Bump again !

Nobody here that has a good hint ... except replacing the Cisco stuff with some others wink

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Please search for 'SG300-52

Please search for 'SG300-52 acts like a hub' and see if the issue may apply to you. I seem to have the same 'acts like a hub' issue where with multicast disabled and indeed a very plain setup all traffic appears flooded to all ports saturating them at heavy traffic times.


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Andrew,Thanks for trying to


Thanks for trying to help. It does not seem to be a similar issue.
I had a remote with support and will have another one today ... since they could not tell me what's wrong after 3 hours remote on Friday surprise.

I hope today will bring a solution - other than taking out the Cisco SMB switches and putting back in some other brand like Netgear wink.



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