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SG500 in L3-Mode: new VLAN Interface won't create route



i have some SG500 in a stack.

The Stack has Routing enabled and everything works as expected.

But now i created a new VLAN10, assigned an IP-adresse and i'm not able to route into this vlan.

There is no entry in the routing table. In VLAN10 are 2 members: one LAG (tagged) and one port untagged.

Also deleting and recreating then vlan10 interface does not solve anything.


How can i get my stack routing into vlan10 ?



CiscoStack#show ip int

    IP Address         I/F      I/F Status      Type     Directed   Precedence   Status
                                admin/oper               Broadcast
------------------- ---------- ------------- ----------- ---------- ---------- -----------   vlan 10    UP/UP         Static      disable    No         Valid  vlan 2     UP/UP         Static      disable    No         Valid    vlan 9     UP/UP         Static      disable    No         Valid  vlan 1     UP/UP         Static      disable    No         Valid

CiscoStack#show ip route
Maximum Parallel Paths: 1 (1 after reset)
IP Forwarding: enabled
Codes: > - best, C - connected, S - static

S [1/1] via, 01:20:09, vlan 1
C is directly connected, vlan 2
C is directly connected, vlan 9
C is directly connected, vlan 1


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replying after a long time.

replying after a long time.

I had the same problem, and after some work out, i found solution. SG500 will show the route only if an interface which is assigned to the particular vlan is up. so either you make a port on that vlan and connect a pc or in the trunk port you add the vlan as allowed vlan (using "switchport trunk allowed vlan add <vlan> or all" command). It will resolve the issue. 

Hope it will give solution to the people who searches for same problem.

best wishes..


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