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SG500X-24 crashing


we have two SG500X-24 with identical behavior: They crash (or hang) after some cycles of test iterations consisting of sending and receiving IP data to connected 1 GbE devices (connected over LAGs in VLANs). Both have latest firmware (1.3.7). The only way to recover is cold reboot of the switches.

What is the best procedure to get this problem solved? Please note we have no support contract or similar with Cisco nor do we have resources to invest lots of time or money into this problem - we just need working and stable hardware.

Regards, Toni


Hello Toni,Your best bet

Hello Toni,

Your best bet would be to give us a call, and we can get a support ticket opened up for you.

The SG500X does come with 1 year of technical support, as well as a lifetime hardware warranty, so if you just recently purchased these you are covered for tech support.  We do offer support contracts on the Small Business products, but they all come with 1 year of technical support.

I understand not having a lot of time to spend on this, however we will need to do a bit of troubleshooting to try and figure out what is going on.

One thing you could do before calling is in setup remote logging to a syslog server, and set it to send debug messages there, so we can see what is happening when the switch crashes.

One other thing I would look it is when you upgraded the firmware did you also upgrade the bootcode on these?  It is a seperate file available from the same download location.  The updated bootcode changes the filesystem around slightly and the new firmware expects this, so if you haven't updated the bootcode all sorts of odd things happen.

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