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SG500X-24P channel-group not distrui also the traffic on ports


I'm  linking two Cisco switch SG500X and do not want them in stacking , then  set up the two switch one chanel -group with four ports for me to  ensure high throughput between two devices .

I'm  transferring files from a PC connected to the first switch and another  PC connected to the second switch, and all the tests all traffic flows  by as few as a door , despite the four ports are on Chanel -group and  port -channel mode is on that is, without LACP and have tested by load-balance the MAC and IP , and the result was the same.

Also  have a HP software , IMCC " Intelligent Management Center " and in view  of the topology is shown the trunk between them but should indicate the  link speed 4GB and 1GB is actually indicating .

How can I configure to use these transfers all ports , getting four ( 04 ) GB ?

thank you


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Re: SG500X-24P channel-group not distrui also the traffic on por

Thanks for the help.
I do not mean the transfer speed, despite having made four test notebook, but the "LACP" indicated in the HP Software IMC "Intelligent Management will Center" that displays the link aggregation for 1G and not 4G, and the main problem is that the traffic is not distributed equally in the four ports, only one carries 90% of the packages.
Thank you


No meu post sobre a não distribuição homogena do trafego entres as quatro portas do Channel-group do Cisco SG500X-24P, não me atento a velocidade de transferência, apesar de ter feito teste com até quatro notebook e o resultado foi o mesmo, mas o "LACP" informado no IMC HP Software "Intelligent Management Center " que exibe o Channel-Group de 1G e não 4G como acontece quando os switch são HP, e o principal problema é que o tráfego não é distribuído igualmente nas quatro portas do channel-group, sendo que 90% dos pacotes passam por sómete uma porta.
Se algúem tiver um Help, fico agradecido.


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