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SG500X-48P Stack

Hi.  I recently purchaed 5 SG500X-48P switches after I read that you can have up to 8 switches in a stack.  However, I cant add a 5th switch to my stack. I only have options to assign Stack IDs 1-4 to the switches.  Can you only have 4 switches in a stack?  Thanks so much.    


SG500X-48P Stack

Hi Greg, please update to the latest firmware. You may have a total maximum of 416 ports in the stack.

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SG500X-48P Stack

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for the quick response.  I have downloaded the latest firmware and when approved, I will perform the upgrade.  One question though.  Reading through the release notes it states "Added Basic Hybrid and Advanced Hybrid modes for stacking. Increased the number of units in a Hybrid stack up to 8."  I have all SG500X switches making it a Native Stack.  Does this just mean that I have to use the 5GB Stack ports when connecting more than 4?

Native Stacking

—A device in Native Stacking mode can be connected to other devices of the same type through its stack ports to form a stack. All units in a native stack must be of the same type (either all

Sx500s or all SG500Xs).

• Basic Hybrid—

A device in Basic Hybrid mode can be connected to other devices of the 500 series to form a stack. The only limitation (and

the reason that this mode is called Basic Hybrid as opposed to Advanced Hybrid) is that there is no support for VRRP or RIP. The GUI displays the pages of Sx500, even if the stack master is SG500X, since the feature set is that of the Sx500. In this mode, any type of device can take the master/backup roles. Only the 5G stacking ports can be used as stack ports.



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SG500X-48P Stack

Hi Greg

I think if you are using native stacking you can use normal stacking if it is more than 4 also. In the release note you mentioned in your post is about basic hybrid not for the native.


Punith Kumar Neelam

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