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SG500X VLAN Assistance


I was hoping to get some assistance in setting up VLANs in my environment.  Here is the current setup:

Dell VRTX with 3 blades running 2012 Hyper-V

Two Cisco SG550X-48P switches in native stacked mode in the 10G port

Sonicwall NSA 2400 with subinterfaces for VLAN 2 and 5.

Two Cisco WAP551 access points in single point setup mode with two SSID's, one for guest and one for office.


Here is what I would like to do.

Data VLAN 1 - 192.168.10.x - All computers, servers, printers, etc for the office.

Voice VLAN 2 - 192.168.100.x - This will be a hosted VOIP system.

Guest Wireless VLAN 5 - 192.168.150.x - Wireless access to internet for mobile devices and guest access.

DHCP for all VLANs on a server on VLAN 1.


I have everything configured already.  I have not been able to test the phones yet because we're not in the testing phase yet.  I can connect to the guest VLAN AP and I get the correct IP.  I can ping internal and external addresses fine, and DNS resolves correctly.  Web pages do not load though.  I spoke to Sonicwall and they reviewed my config and confirmed the Sonicwall is setup correctly.


I basically followed this guide:


I should be able to control access from one VLAN to another using the Sonicwall, so my primary goal is to be able to access the internet correctly on VLAN 2 and 5.

I am new to all of this.  Thank you in advance.


Hi rtat, I guess I'm confused

Hi rtat, I guess I'm confused. If you can ping internally and externally it means everything routes. A switch wouldn't stop you from loading webpages, everything would be broken entirely.


From the firewall can you connect a computer VLAN 2 or 5 and everything behaves as you describe?

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts
New Member

Yeah, that's why I'm a bit

Yeah, that's why I'm a bit confused as well.  This is my first time really doing this, but if I can ping everything that means traffic is going where it needs to go.

So I haven't connected anything to VLAN 2 yet, but on VLAN 5 I can ping internal and external, DNS resolves, I get the correct IP, web pages just do not load.  And actually the pings are a little hit and miss.  It mostly works, but an occasional "no reply".  I meant to reboot the Sonicwall over the weekend to see if that made any difference, but I didn't have time.  I'll try that tonight.  I just wanted to get some advice or feedback from people who have done this before.

You telling me everything would be broken is actually a big help because it sounds like I can eliminate the switches as being the issue.  Thank you.

New Member

Rebooting the Sonicwall fixed

Rebooting the Sonicwall fixed everything.  Voice VLAN works fine as well.  I guess the lesson is when in doubt, just reboot.

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