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SGE2000 all ports hung up

Hi, we have a problem with one of our SGE2000 switches, we use serveral ones in diverent parts of the office, but one is causing a great problem. It is running for some time (days) then suddenly, all ports beginn to blink (even unused) and all network functins are stopped, so we needed to unplug the powersupply cable. But what makes it more suspicious is that if you plug-in the cable again (even after having turned of for about 10 minutes) the ports start the blinking again, right after the the power was connected.

Maybe you know this problem and have a solution, it would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SGE2000 all ports hung up


Pulling a power cable from an SGE2000 and then plugging it back in cases all the lights to blink once, and then remain lit for approximately 44 seconds at which time they "Christmas Tree" and are then in normal port indication state. If you are plugging in the switch, and the lights blink continuously and do not stop, and the switch still does not pass traffic etc. you should call the SBSC and open a case so we can do a bit more trouble shooting and possibly RMA/SVO the switch should we decide it is truly dead. I would begin by re flashing the firmware and resetting the unit to factory defaults via the console port. Any configuration should be rebuilt by hand, with no spaces in the VLAN names if used.



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