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SGE2010 port-channel and trunking config question

I have port-channels configured and working for the native VLAN on multiple SGE2010s. I now want to add multiple VLANs and enable trunking for the port-channel. I am not clear on the appropriate way to enable trunking as it can be enabled on the port and on the port-channel. The ports and port-channel are currently in access mode. If anyone can provide the correct configuration, I would appreciate the guidance. I also need to get the port-channels and trunking working with 3Com 4500 & 4200s. If you know of any configuration issues, again any guidance would be appreciated

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SGE2010 port-channel and trunking config question

If you are asking for the comands to configurate trunking for the port-channel, please follow the next example.

on interface Port-channel#

switchport trunk encapsulation (Type of encapsulation desired)

switchport trunk allowed vlan (vlans allowed)

switchport mode trunk

switchport nonegotiate

no ip address


SGE2010 port-channel and trunking config question

Hi Jacqueline,

Sorry Juans answer needs some correction, but I am grateful for Juans participation.

The SGE2010 does not support a CLI.

There is a unsupported CLI,  that someone plastered somehwere on this community, but i must admit i still like to use the GUI.

The software on the SGE2XXX was recently updated so you can find that on the website.

I have created a link below  to a recording i just made,  regarding Link aggregation on the SGE2XXXX, i thnk if you see the 11 minute recording a couple of times, maybe pause it, play with your switch, it  will start to make sense.

you can't breat the switch by configuring it

click here to see a recording of me creating a Link aggregation between two switches

regards Dave

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