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SLM2024 giving me fits

I am attempting to set up a vlan using 2 SLM2024's and a Cisco  asa 5505.  I have performed this operation more times than I can count,  though never with the 2024, and thought I could do it in my sleep.  I am  now baffled.  The firewall and VLAN config are fine on the ASA.  When I  connect switch one to the asa it can see the traffic and handle it  correctly.

Here's my configuration:

Switch 1 (SLM2024)

  Port 1 Acceptable Frames all  pvid 1

  port 2 Acceptable frames all pvid 100

  port 3 Acceptable frames all pvid 1

   Switch 1 sits in a seperate building and both port 2 and port 3 are  connected to ports on the ASA 5505.  Port 1 acts as a trunk port and has  VLAN 100 added as a tagged VLAN through the join VLAN interface while  also having default VLAN 1U enabled. Port 2 has VLAN 100 as its only  VLAN through the join vlan interface and is tagged (100T) so as to  interface with the ASA.  Port 3 has default VLAN 1 as its only VLAN  through the join vlan interface and is untagged(1U).

Switch 2 (SLM 2024)

  Port 12 Acceptable Frames ALL pvid 1

  Port 6 Acceptable frames ALL pvid 100

  Port 1 Acceptable frames ALL pvid 1

   Switch 2 sits in my office.  Ports 6 and 1 are connected to NICs.  Port  12 acts as the trunk port and has vlan 100 added as tagged VLAN (100T)  through the join VLAN interface while also having default VLAN 1 enabled  as untagged (1U).  Port 6 has VLAN 100 as its only VLAN through the  join vlan interface and is tagged (100T).

I can add a  port to vlan 100 on switch one and interface with the asa on that vlan.   The traffic will not pass between the switches.  I have tried every  type of configuration I can think of and have even walked the network to be sure there wasn't a "dumb" switch in the traffic somewhere and am now at a loss.  Do these two  "smart switches" just not talk to each other on non-default vlans?   Does the "self configuring trunk" not configure?

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