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Small Business vlan Routing Setup with 2 routers and 2 switches

I have 2 routers, both cisco one is a static IP and has no issues, the other is a dynamic IP and the router is a RV320, i know the rv320 has two wan ports, I'm getting limited connectivity on vlan 4 and 5 that are on the RV320, attached is a photo of the lan setup and equipment being used.

on the RV320 I have setup DHCP relay for vlan 4 & 5, to the default vlan 1, because I have read that this router does not support tagged to wan traffic, I also have my two switches setup for DHCP relay is this correct?

what is setup now switches in L3 mode

Router A (static IP from ISP)


Router B(Dynamic IP)

vlan 1



Lan 1  4T, 5T

enter vlan routing enabled

I changed the vlan4 and vlan 5 from DHCP server to Relay to vlan 1


Switch A (SF300)

GE 1 untagged

GE2 1UP, 4T, 5T

GE  4T, 5T

Switch B (SC300)

GE1 1UP, 4T, 5T


Any and all help is welcome and Thanks


Cisco Employee

Hello, Any specific reasons



Any specific reasons for using two different routers? RV320 is capable of handling Dual WAN connections. Also, is there any specific type of traffic you need to route through these two routers? Bit more information towards this would be helpful.


New Member

I tried getting the RV320 to

I tried getting the RV320 to handle the two wans, but I couldnt get it configured to work with the static IP

vlan 1 is a secure network for the office and the vlan 4 and 5 are for guests networks only available on the AP, the AP are connected to the gigabit switch and the office connected to the SF300, the controller for the AP is on vlan1. 

router A(static IP) needs only the office traffic and Router B( dynamic IP) the guest network vlan 4 and 5.

I have on both switches turned DHCP relay, is this correct or should the router handle the DHCP relay, for vlan 4 and 5.

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