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small configure help please? I have 3 300-28 switches, I want to connect them and avoid stp (stp setup)


I have a small network. I have 3 300-28 cisco switches. I already connected my 3 servers  and clients with the switch 1 and now I want to add more clients and I need to add my other two switches in the network. Please guide me with the simple configuration So I can connect them all and avoid loop (stp). Thanks

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You can configure the links

You can configure the links between the switches as a trunk and all other ports where hosts are connected can be configured as access ports with port-fast configured. That may help.



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Hi Nagaraja Thanthry!Thanks

Hi Nagaraja Thanthry!

Thanks for your reply. I am implementing it tomorrow. By just conecting the switches together at trunk ports  will there be no loop? I don't want my network chowk. I hope it will work well. I might need further help, please reply.

1. I will do setting on all switches. Assign IP addresses to switches (to Vlan 1 default).

2. Set one port (e.g 28) as trunk and all others as Access on all three switches.

3. Then I will connect the switches with each other at trunk ports. Hope there will be no loop in this setting.

4. Do I need to set any setting for stp in switches ?

Please reply one by one thanks.

I am using IP range.

Best Regards,


Hi Aamir, STP is already set

Hi Aamir, STP is already set up by default. Even if you create a network loop a port is going to go in to blocking.

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