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SMB PRO Switch with Virtualization (ESW-540-8P)

I have a ESW switch and a NSS storage device with a Server that has ESX loaded on it.  I am virtualizing the servers and the problem with this switch is I can't find a setting on the switch that will work to trunk to the server ESX.  This works with a switch module in a 2811 router but when i connect the server to the ESW switch i can't contact the ESX server.  Any Ideas...


Re: SMB PRO Switch with Virtualization (ESW-540-8P)

Hi Bob,

Since the NSS is not vlan aware, you will have to set the connected switch ports to the NSS  to access mode .

The default VLAN, vlan1 has to be excluded as the untagged port on these two switch ports, but that procedure can be seen a little further on..

If you are trunking, say with VLAN  200 to the Cisco 2811router,  then the NSS ports will be untagged members of VLAN200, whilst the Uplink to the 2811 router will be tagged for the appropriate sub-interface.  But If both devices the ESX and NSS32X are in the same VLAN then the NSS32X  just has to be connected to untagged ports in the same VLAN.

See example below whereby switch ports G1 and G2  are untagged in vlan200 , but the Uplink port is tagged for VLAN200.

This assumes you are going to use the NSS32X,   whereby the NSS32X device gigabit ethernet  ports are in primary and backup mode.

If they are not, but in Link aggregation mode or as some people call it teaming mode, you will have to add the two NSS32X GbE ports to a EtherChannel made up of two ports, whereby these two ports are untagged in the appropriate VLAN.

By default,  when you add switch ports to VLAN 200 as a unatagged port,  it will exclude VLAN 1 from being untagged on these ports.

Remember to save your configuration.

If you are going to link aggregate the two Gigabit NSS32X  ports to the switch then you will have to use etherchannel and link aggregate the two gigabit ports.

Rememeber to tag the uplink port to the 2811 for the appropriate VLAN ID and untag the EtherChannel ports to the NSS32X.  I am only using VLAN 200 as a example.

Hope this helped

regards Dave

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