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Spread vlans from SG300 to other SG300


propagate vlans from one SG300 to other SG300

i have Two switchs SG300-52, i would like configure my switchs to spread their vlans ?

what's the difference between "General, Access, Trunk or Customer" on the Interface VLAN Mode ?

Thanks for your help


Re: Spread vlans from SG300 to other SG300

Hi Richard

  • General mode allows multiple untagged vlans and also multiple  tagged vlans to exist on the same switch interface. I have never used this mode personally.
  • Trunk mode allows ONE untagged vlan and multiple Tagged vlans to exist on the same switch interface.
  • Access mode allows only one untagged vlan to exist on a switch interface.

I find the default setting of trunk mode the most useful , and therefore leave this setting alone.

It allows any port to be untagged in one vlan  and if needed tagged in many vlans, so this interface setting can be used for PC that are not vlan aware or Uplinks to other switches.

You will notice at the top right corner of the configuration GUI,  a help option.  This option brings up a window giving help on the GUI page you have in front of you.

Hope that answered your question.

regards Dave

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