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srw2016 PROBLEM

I have a Linksys SRW2016, i don't remember de IP address that I assigned to the switch and I don't have the serial cable that came with the switch with me.

I tried with a generic cable but it doesn't work at all and I really need to make this switch work.

I would need a way to find the IP address that the switch has or the configuration of the serial cable that came with the switch or where can I purchase this cable.

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Re: srw2016 PROBLEM


The cable that you are referring to is called a rollover. The pinout is as follows:

1 to 9

2 to 8

3 to 7

4 to 6

5 to 5

6 to 4

7 to 3

8 to 2

9 to 1

Hope this helps,


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Re: srw2016 PROBLEM

I'm aware this is an old post, but it seems to have a few views with incorrect information.

If you are making a cross over serial cable (9 pin) then;

Pin 2     Pin 3

Pin 3     Pin 2

Pin 5     Pin 5

But in this case for the SRW20xx series switches, it is a regular straight through cable, female on both ends.

You don't want to wire it the way you suggested, this could lead to putting voltage across other pins where you don't want it.


Re: srw2016 PROBLEM

Agree with Phil on this one ...

If you are asking about the console cable that comes with the switch, the cable is not a null modem cable or a full serial cable; it is also not a rollover.

It is a straight DB9F - DB9F cable, so the pin assignment the following:

1 - 1
2 - 2
3 - 3
4 - 4
5 - 5
6 - 6
7 - 7
8 - 8
9 - 9
G - G

It's a DB9F to DB9F straight through.  Some computer stores might have it.

Other thoughts on finding the IP address might be to run a ping plotter and see what answers.

The default IP is ... you can try this too.

It makes sense to keep a console cable on hand ...

BTW - here is a link to the user guide in case this can be of use.  Kindest regards,

Andrew Lissitz

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