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SRW2024, VLAN and IP administration address


We're facing a strange issue with one of our SRW2024 Switches.

We already have many of them in production with the following configuration :

interface vlan 2

ip address

Some ports being on the same VLAN, some in access mode, some in general mode. This works perfectly.
Now with the last SRW2024 we bought, the only way to access the switch in IP is to set it on VLAN 1.
All SRW2024's are on the same firmware version (boot 1.0.1 and SW 1.1.2b).
Is this a known issue ?
Thanks for your replies


Re: SRW2024, VLAN and IP administration address

Hi Staff,

Just a minor minor  point for  clarification , software version 1.1.2b or really 1.2.2b ?

Have you tried the following;

step 1.  added a IP address of 10.10.10.X to that suspect  switch.

step 2   saved the configuration change

step 3.  associated that IP address to mangement vlan 2

step 4   made one port on the switch a 'access mode ' member of VLAN 2

step 5   saved the configuration change

Step 6. Plugged your PC onto that  access mode port which is a member of vlan 2

Do you get a IP address in the 10.10.10 .X range allocated  to your PC ?

step 7.  If not , set you PC up in the 10.10.10.X network

Can you ping the IP address of the switch ?  ( you have said that this answer is no)

Can you ping or any other device in VLAN 2 ?  ( you have said that this answer is no)

If you followed the steps above,   and the answer is still no  then call the Small Business Support Center

regards Dave

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