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SRW2024P config file issue

Hello there, we got a problem with our Linksys switch. What happened was, we wanted to restore a config from another switch (same) so we backed up the config and loaded it onto this current "dead" one. All we thought was going fine until the switch never came back up, and logging into the console was impossible as it wouldn't accept any of our passwords.

What we wish to accomplish is either a) reset the switch completely back to factory settings or b) get some sort of admin access. Both of those tasks are seeming to be impossible at the moment. I've upgraded the firmware using XMODEM which didn't help. What I've noticed with the switch (however I don't know if this is the problem) is that there's no startup-config file. I tried to upload a startup-config using XMODEM but the switch just won't save the config (yes there's enough space) as it asks me to Runtime or Diag after uploading to which I choose runtime and absolutely nothing happens. I've read that removing the startup-config file and rebooting the switch should allow me to log in using admin/blank, but again, that's not the case.

Spoke to Linksys support over in the States and they seem to not be very helpful. They said try upgrading the firmware but of course that hasn't helped at all. Doing an RMA is going to be very last option because we need to try and somehow get this switch into production in the next 2-3 days and I'm trying to avoid RMA which I was told might take 8-10 working days to get another switch. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Re: SRW2024P config file issue

Hello, maybe this can help:

Is my understanding that logging in to the console is impossible as it won't recognized any of the passwords, so here is a link of how to reset the password back to factory defaults, it is pretty simple and it may get you going.

Hope this helps!

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