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SRW2048, mac spoofing, slow connection.

Description of the problem:
Switch model Name: SRW2048
Hardware Version: 00.03.00
Boot Version:
Firmware Version:   1.2.1
Some computers in the LAN network has normaly download, but very slow upload to the Internet. Also the connectivity during connection to Windows Server 2008, which is in the LAN network is so slow that it can not work.

Solution (undesirable):

This problem with the PC slow connection I can repair by changing to the original MAC address of network adapter to MAC address of computer from LAN that does not have the above mentioned problems. After that, there will be several computers with the same MAC address and this is obviously undesirable.

Therefore has some similar problem? Do you have any a solution?

Thanks in advance for helping.

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Re: SRW2048, mac spoofing, slow connection.

This sounds very unusual. Have you removed the switch from the topology to see if the problem remains? If not please do so. Should you find the problem is the switch itself update the firmware. There is a firmware update here that will take you to version 1.2.2. If the problem still remains, let us know.

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