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SRW224G4 V1.1


We have small network with 15 Computers all connected to SRW224G4 . After a power brake our switch dosent "boot"  anymore. I see all leds working flashing etc but no network acces, no Serial acces. When i try connecting to serial port and "reset" device the screen is blank . Is the any solution for our problem ??

Thank you.


SRW224G4 V1.1

Hello Alex,

The older SRW switches primary access is either through the GUI or Console. If the switch is "christmas tree" for the LED it may indicate a hardware issue or a corrupt flash. Unfortunately there is no external reset on the switch therefore the console access is critical.

While connecting to the console, try to reboot the switch and ensure your Baud is set to 38400 with no flow control. If the switch even somewhat starts up, there should be a 2 second prompt you can hit escape or enter to get to the load menu options.  If the switch is capable to get that far, you can try to XMODEM a firmware image while using hyperterminal.

If the switch has zero response/access, you may call the SBSC and check the entitlement. USA and Canada is 1.866.606.1866, here are the other numbers;


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