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SRW224G4P Drop off of the netwrok

Hi we just purchase the above switch.  At times the switch is not reachable either by telnet, Web or ping.  At first I thought that it was an IP conflict because first thing in the AM I was able to logon to the switch and then later I could not.  I changed the IP and have the same problem.  The switch is in its default factory config just the ip was change to a static ip.  While the switch is unreachable traffic is still being passed just fine. Does any body have any ideas?

I thank you in advance.



Re: SRW224G4P Drop off of the netwrok

Hello and Good evening,

I would suggest to contact the support teams.

You will likely be asked to upgrade to the latest code if you have not already done so.  I am not sure if there are any known bugs ... perhaps our support center will know.

During the upgrade the switch will be reloaded, so expect a minute or so of downtime.You can get the latest code for this switch from this link:

Have a great night,

Andrew Lissitz

New Member

Re: SRW224G4P Drop off of the netwrok

Upgraded to

Firmware Version 1.3.1 Feb 20 2009

Now the switch is reachble on the network.

Is this the lastest firmware? Feb 20 2009???


Re: SRW224G4P Drop off of the netwrok

Good evening,

Glad to hear that the switch is reachable again.  Yes, this appears to be the latest version.

If this happens again, I might suggest to contact the support center.  Do please have a great weekend,


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