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SRW224P - newly connected ports don't work, web gui stops working, ...


we have a single SRW224P that is used for both Linksys phones and PC's. After a couple of weeks of uptime and normal operation we notice, that newly connected equipment (mostly laptops that people take home) doesn't get IPs from the DHCP server.

We had this problem since we got the switch, we also tried upgrading the firmware as new versions became available - but that 'bug' still exists.

When this problem happens, we made the following observations:

  1. Newly connected ports don't work - yes, there is 'physical' link, but no traffic is passed through. Laptops and phones don't get IPs from the DHCP, PC's with statically assigned IP don't work either.
  2. Ports, that have been connected, still work.
  3. If ports that work are disconnected at this point and then reconnected, they no longer work.
  4. The web gui is not accessible, the serial console is not accessible either.
  5. Only resolution is power cycling the switch - after that all ports work, web gui works, serial console works (for next couple of days/weeks).

Information about our switch (as presented on the web gui after power cycle):

Model Name24-port 10/100 + 2-Port Gigabit Switch with WebView and PoE
System up time0 days, 1 hours, 40 minutes, and 25.3 seconds
Base MAC Address00-18-F8-XX-XX-XX
Hardware VersionR01
Software Version2.0.2.2

I also found that other people report the same issue (, so I'm guessing this is a firmware problem.

Best regards, Danilo

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Re: SRW224P - newly connected ports don't work, web gui stops wo


     The SRW224P has reached End of Sale (, so you will not see any further firmware updates coming for this switch.  However, there is a list of Q&A topics listed on the bottom of the above page where you may find some resolution for your issues.  Have you tried any of the suggested steps found here before?  If not you may want to review them and see if something from there works for your situation.

Best Regards,


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Re: SRW224P - newly connected ports don't work, web gui stops wo

Thank you, Glenn. Yes, I read all the Q&A topics, but none seems to cover what's going on with our switch.

The biggest  problem is the fact, that we (sysadmins) don't detect the problem when we arrive at work early - our desktops are always connected to the switch and just 'work'. It's only when the management arrives and plugs in their fancy netbooks that we get to know about the problem - and then it's not funny...

I hope the frequency of these incidents will not increase...

Best regards,


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Re: SRW224P - newly connected ports don't work, web gui stops wo


     Sorry for my delayed response; but as that particular switch is End of Sale, it would not be under warranty.  However you can still contact the Small Business Support Center (866-606-1866) for support on a per-incidence basis.  If you're issues persist I would suggest contacting them for additional trouble-shooting help.

Best Regards,


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