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SRW248G4 password recovery help needed - customer is down

I have a customer with the above mentioned unit that suddenly totally stopped working.  Brought it back to the shop to try and reset the password and upload latest firmware.  Have hooked up to the console serial port.  The console problem alternates between one of two scenarios:

1. When the unit is powered on, it passes all the POST tests and then asks for a username and password (which we don't know).  Rebooting the switch then selecting the return or esc brings us into the menu, we select password recovery, it states that the current password will be ignored.  We esc to continue, and from that point on, the switch just cycles endlessly through the POST and the decompression messages, like it's rebooting constantly.


2. From the moment we power up the unit, it cycles endlessly as described above, never coming to a username/password login prompt.

This has been hugely frustrating and customer is on me constantly to get it back up and running.

Any help here?



Re: SRW248G4 password recovery help needed - customer is down

Hi Jeff

I went to the Q&A section for the small business switches and found the following link entitled " Recovering the password of the Switch"

sure looks like it could be very relevant.  Must admit I have never had to use this procedure myself.

regards Dave

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