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New Member

SRW248G4P switch won't boot anymore

I have a Linksys Cisco Small Business switch model SRW248G4P which won't boot anymore. This is what I see with Putty when it boots (console interface):

Image Loader 1.0.1
Loading Diagnostic Image File : SRW224G4P_SRW248G4P_boot.bix
Diagnostic 1.0.1


The boot file seems to be the problem.
Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Some kind of hardware reset?

Kind regards

(I know it is not officially supported anymore, but I am still looking for some help)

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 Hi, Try to upgrade the




Try to upgrade the firmware version:


Use the belwo link to download:


Firmware upgrade can be done over console using download software option:





New Member

Thank you for your quick

Thank you for your quick reply.

Unfortunately the switch never reachs the start menu, so I am not able to select the download software option (see console output initial post).


Hi Robert,You might be able

Hi Robert,

You might be able to get to the boot menu and upload the firmware using Xmodem protocol.

Page 64:




New Member

Hi Aleksandra,Thank you for

Hi Aleksandra,

Thank you for your reply. By pressing Crtl+u rapidly while booting I managed to get in the download/xmodem menu.

Image Loader 1.0.1
File Name                         S/Up Type Size       Create Time
--------------------------------- ---- ---- ---------- -----------
$logfile_1                          0    3         64  1193046:28:15
Factory_Default_Config.cfg          0    5        354  24:01:02
SRW224G4P_SRW248G4P_boot.bix        1    1    1377600  00:01:03
SRW224G4P_SRW248G4P_image.bix       1    2    3517532  00:03:42
certificate                         0    8      18040  24:00:55
startup-config                      1    5       5596  25:40:57
startup1.cfg                        0    5       5537  24:01:14
--------------------------------- ---- ---- ---------- ----------
Free Space : 2097152
[X]modem Download  [D]elete File  [S]et Startup File

Which image should I send to the switch?

"1.2.2a is 1.0.6 boot code.
1.2.2b is 1.0.1 boot code. is 1.0.2 boot code

It looks like you're using 1.0.1 boot code so the 1.2.2b firmware should be for you."

Thank you in advance!

Hi Robert,If you have PoE

Hi Robert,

If you have PoE switch then suitable version would be 1.3.1:

if you have none PoE switch then 1.2.3:




New Member

Hi Aleksandra,I have

Hi Aleksandra,

I have successfully replaced the image with the 1.3.1 version from the support site, but the behaviour hasn't changed (still the same output as in the first post).

I can only conclude that the diagnostic / boot file is broken. You wouldn't have access to that file? Or a download link?


Hi Robert,I am afraid there

Hi Robert,

I am afraid there is not much you can do. As even if you have boot code you will need IP connectivity to upload the file using tftp... 



New Member

I was afraid so.You can

I was afraid so.

You can actually upload runtime code (image.bix), diagnostic code (boot.bix) and loader code using the console interface and the xmodem menu.

Hi Robert, Can you please

Hi Robert,


Can you please send us your email address via private message.



New Member

Hi Aleksandra,Thank you for

Hi Aleksandra,

Thank you for your email, but replacing the diagnostic code didn't work.
I have noticed that I missed an error code due to the refreshing of the screen in HyperTerminal:

(!)Loader Binary checksum error

I think I just have to accept that the switch is broken :/

Kind regards

Hi Robert, Unfortunately, yes

Hi Robert,


Unfortunately, yes. However it might be good moment to get one of the new Sx 300 eries:


they have great features, CLI (similar to IOS) and you may really enjoy them :-)



Hi Robert, please can you try

Hi Robert,


please can you try this steps : 

1. Please try to access again to the boot menu

2. Delete the startup config Click on 'D' and put the name of the startup config "startup-config" and wait until you have "0" in startup-config and reboot the switch "Maybe the Startup-Config is corrupted"

certificate                         0    8      18040  24:00:55
startup-config                      0    5       5596  25:40:57
startup1.cfg                        0    5       5537  24:01:14


3. If you have still the issue please upload the BOOTCODE 

SRW224G4P_SRW248G4P_boot.bix    version 1.0.1

the same steps you did to upload the firmware version 


Please let me know after your test 





New Member

Thank you for your response.I

Thank you for your response.

I deleted the startup-config file, but nothing changed.

I cannot find the bootcode file anywhere, so that is not possible unfortunately.

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