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TCAM on SG500 Switches

I fell in love with the Cisco SG300 series - great small switch, L3 switching, amazing price point...UNTIL I found out there was a TCAM limitation of 400-500 hosts (depending on other features such as ACLs, static routes, etc...). OUCH. This little undocumented gem (well, not in common documentation anyhow) cost me some painful conversations and re-selling at two clients.

...nonetheless, the Cisco SG500 is now in play...and once again there's no documentation I can find on the maximum TCAM values it supports. Has anyone seen anything on this?


Hello,I found an older admin


I found an older admin guide that put the TCAM for the SG500 at 2048 rules and the SG500X at 3072.  However I do know we recently upgraded the firmware and bootcode on those switches to make that amount adjustable between IPv6 and IPv4, and I believe bigger.  I am unable to find any exact numbers in the new admin guide, although it goes go over how to adjust the allocation and monitor exactly what is being used.  It is at least as high as the older admin guide mentioned, so already 6 times larger then the TCAM table on the 300s.

You may want to open a case with Small Business Support and we can try to find the exact number.

Thank you for choosing Cisco,

Christopher Ebert - Network Support Engineer 

Cisco Small Business Support Center

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