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Trunk port changes assigned VLANs spontaneously


I have problem with GE2 port VLAN membership in trunk mode.

When I set GE2 port as a trunk for VLAN 11 tagged, VLAN 48 tagged

and VLAN 666 untagged+PVID, it stays so only untill reboot.

After reboot there are 11, 48 and 666 tagged, while VLAN 1

untagged+PVID. Everything works somehow, but there are warnings.

Default VLAN 11. The other side is 2960G with no vtp on port

and vtp is globally off.

Thank you

SF 200-24 24-Port 10/100 Smart Switch

Model Description:  24-Port 10/100 Smart Switch  Firmware Version: 

Serial Number:  DNI15330085  Firmware MD5 Checksum:  0b73c744e12a6f93c711867b1188736e 

PID VID:  SLM224GT V01  Boot Version: 

  Boot MD5 Checksum:  81359f6e6c7e640b53df27c4f05b8d60 

  Locale:  en-US 

  Language Version: 

  Language MD5 Checksum:  N/A


Trunk port changes assigned VLANs spontaneously


Might need to call Cisco Small Business Support Center @ 1-866-606-1866 and open a support case for your issue.



Re: Trunk port changes assigned VLANs spontaneously

Hi Igor

Just out of interest, I see no mention that you saved the configuration in your problem description.

As the administrators guide says on page 30,  Configurations will be lost if not saved.

Just in case you didn't save your configuration, here is a 6 minute video that shows,  in the last minute,  how to save the configuration of a 300 series switch, but it should be identical for a 200 series product..

or try from the GUI

Click Administration > File Management > Copy/Save Configuration

Copy the running configuration to the startup configuration.

If you have saved your configuration but still lose VLAN assignment, yes please follow the advice in the previous posting.

regards Dave

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