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Upgrade Firmware/Boot Version - SG500

I have two SG500-52 switches which are stacked.


I have been trying to upgrade to the latest firmware but it is not working.  The boot version is 

       Unit             SW version         Boot version         HW version
------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------
         1                      V02
         2                      V02


The firmware is loaded but if I reboot the switch to use the latest version (Image-1) it loads with the older version:


Unit  Image  Filename   Version    Date                    Status
----  -----  ---------  ---------  ---------------------   -----------
1     1      image-1    29-Mar-2015  16:25:55   Not active
1     2      image-2   10-Oct-2013  17:17:15   Active*
2     1      image-1   02-May-2013  14:56:31   Not active
2     2      image-2   10-Oct-2013  17:17:15   Active*



I have attempted to upload the latest boot version by copying the .rfb file via tftp. When I reboot the switch though it still loads the older version.


Any ideas?



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Yes these switches you need

Yes these switches you need to go in steps you cant just jump direct to latest image like IOS catalyst switches, jump from 1 firmware to the next until your at the latest that should do it. There is certain jump images but I don't know exactly which ones they are for each platform, but that's how I fixed that issue before   

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If you have Cisco

If you have Cisco Configurations Professional set up you can use CCP to activate the image you want to load and deactivate the one you do not want to use. But may not work because it sounds like you did not follow the correct order to update your firmware. You may want to start over by removing and go back to since that should have been the next item in the order.

 Cisco Firmware updates should be done in order they are released. Cisco Firmware is NOT like a computers firmware we you can skip an update and still be ok most of the time.

You have next is, next, last

I would remove and reload the router make sure everything is work correctly then load remove reload make sure everything works fine then load and remove reload make sure everything works fine and you are done.

I am not sure about your switch but it is a not recommend for the Cisco SG200 I have to have more then 1 firmware image at a time. Your switches may support more then 1 firmware image but you have 3 firmware images on your switch.



Upgrading from Versions Earlier than 1.3.5

When upgrading the device from version prior to 1.3.5, you first need to upgrade

the device image to image version 1.3.5 or 1.3.7 and the latest boot file ( time of publication is the latest at this time.



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