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Uplink two Cisco SF300 swicthes through SFP


I'm stuck in the following situation. I have:

Two SF300 Switches (SRW224G4P-K9-EU)

Two Gigabit Ethernet SX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceivers (MGBSX1)

Two 3 mtr Fiber cables LC -> ST (50FIBLCST3 StarTech)

Two ST Connectors (715297 st fiber connector)

The purpose is to use the SFP ports as an uplink between the two switches.

Now, using the SFP ports on both Cisco Switches, connecting through the fiber looks like the switches aren't connected. :-( Do I miss anything? The System Summary using the GUI control panel of one of the switches do not show any activaty on the SFP ports. Any help would be nice!

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Update: Opening the ST

Update: Opening the ST connectors I only see light on both the black ends of the fiber cables on both switches.


Hi Tim, if you want to prove

Hi Tim, if you want to prove the wire and SFP is any good, take a transmit and transmit (or receive and receive) end together in the same GBIC and connect it to one of the switch ports. This should make a loopback detect condition and the port should turn green with activity lights.


*Note, if the fiber has a clipholding the TX and RX together you may have to remove the clip or if the clip is fixed you may need to break it.

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