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VLAN an tunking SF300/ SG200

Hello everyone

I m a new user in cisco sbs product. My company has recently buy a bunch of sf 200 sg 300 switches for our new network. 

we have acreated 4 VLAN currently on one SF300 setup as a L3 Switch  that will to spread the vlan info to the other sg200 switches. according to what I read, there is no way to do vtp on sf300/sg200. I have to create the vlans on every single switch.wich I did already. but I cannot make then communicate.


here is my scenario

vlan 199 for Internet+corporate network

vlan 200 corporate network only

vlan 220 coporate network only

vlan 221 coporate Network only


can someone please help 





Hi mvalcourt,Regarding VTP

Hi mvalcourt,

Regarding VTP feature is not supported on Sx300 and Sx200.

Regarding the inter-Vlan routing (IP routing) if you have already the SF300 on layer 3 , ensure you have a trunk port between two switch and adding all vlan (199,200,220,221 as tagged) on both router

also make sure you have the PC connected to the switch has Default gateway the IP address of Vlan interface where connected to.


Please if you have still the issue please share the config file, or you can also call Small Business Technical Support and open a ticket.




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