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VLAN retagging in sg300-10

I have a sg300-10 with 3 VLANs 1, 200  and 1749.

I need specific untagged  traffic on a interface that belongs to VLAN 200 to route over a trunk port that has VLANs 1,200,1749 allowed. 

VLAN 1 IP is

VLAN 200 IP is

VLAN 17 IP is


I can get packets to route, however the packets leaving the trunk port always show as coming from VLAN 1 (

I have the following routes in the switch:

ip default-gateway

ip route 208.XXX.YYY.70 /32

ip route 208.XXX.YYY.30 /32


The last two route statements is the traffic I want routed to VLAN 17 so that they can get tagged properly leaving the trunk port (WAN)

The WAN router never sees the packets destinated for 208.XXX.YYY.70 or 30 tagged for VLAN 17. Basically want to retagged these packets to VLAN 17.

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