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VLAN Routing between Interfaces

Please see attached Diagram.  With my current setup, it doesn't seem like traffic is moving from FE8 to FE7 on Switch #2.  Any suggestions?

My Desired Outcome:

Have Multiple VLANS on FE8 on Switch #2 talk with their respective VLANS on FE7

My current setup:

Switch #1:

FE1 - VLAN 1001 Untagged

FE2 - VLAN 1002 Untagged

FE3 - VLAN 1003 Untagged

FE8 - VLANs 1001 Tagged, 1002 Tagged, 1003 Tagged (Trunk to Wireless Bridge #1)

Wireless Bridge #1 & #2:

Straight Bridge, passes all VLANS (Tested)

Switch #2:

FE8 - VLANs 1001 Tagged, 1002 Tagged, 1003 Tagged (Trunk to Wireless Bridge #2)

FE7 - VLANs 1001 Tagged, 1002 Tagged, 1003 Tagged (Trunk to MultiPoint Antenna #1)

MultiPoint Antenna:

Transmits VLANs, with receivers set to only pickup their individual VLANS.


Re: VLAN Routing between Interfaces

Hi Brian,

By the look of the description of the problem, you know vlans.

Make sure the switches are using the current firmware,

The easiest test to perform is to also put the following on switch two;

FE1 - VLAN 1001 Untagged

FE2 - VLAN 1002 Untagged

FE3 - VLAN 1003 Untagged

And plug a PC on FE1 of both switches, manually set the IP address to be in the same network and see if they can communicate via ping. This will prove if the wireless bridge propagates VLAN tag information.

But, I'm guessing you have  a misconfiguration of the tagging of vlans or old old firmware..

You could verify the vlan configuration by looking at the following, to see if the vlan configuration is really there.

A screen shot / capture of the following page from both switches  could help me.

But I left the switch ports in the default trunk mode. 

This allows for one untagged vlan (default vlan)  and multiple  tagged vlans to exist on each switch port...perfect.

I also use wireshark to check out vlans, but had to modify my PC,  to allow wireshark show me the vlan packets coming into a wireshark trace.

Believe it or not wouldn't wouldn't show me vlans,   till I modified my windows registry. You might be luckier.  It was a windows issue and not a wireshark issue.

You  have the option if you wish to mirror port 8 on switch 1 and 2 to check if vlan tagged packets, even arp frames  are coming over to/from the wireless bridge.

To me it seems like you need to do  a bit of 'foot work'  to see if the vlans are being propagated to wireless bridge #1 through mirroring port 8 of both switches. And then trying to ping between devices on the same vlan.

  • confirm your switch firmware is version

  • Check your VLAN configuration with a couple of screen capture.

  • You can mirror switch port 8 on both switches and use wireshark to see if the VLAN frames are propagated between switches.

Seems like there is a lot of steps you could perform to validate if vlans are being propagated.

regards Dave

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Re: VLAN Routing between Interfaces


I am pretty sure the VLANS are propogating through the wireless bridge.  I actually have other VLANS running over it now.  See the diagram below which shows the whole picture.  Right now the QNQ Tunnel  and Management VLAN is working over the wireless bridge and management VLAN (3000) is working over everything.  I have visability to all the gear including the bridges, Multipoint Antenna and RXs. 

I have verified the VLANs pass over the Multipoint Antenna to each RX.  I had it working with the Multipoint Antenna attached to Switch #2.

I have verified I am running current Firmware on all Switches.  I have also included screenshots of all 3 switches.


  • FE8 - Trunk to Switch #2


  • FE7 trunk from Switch #1
  • FE8 trunk to Wireless Bridge #1


  • FE6 trunk to Multipoint Antenna
  • FE8 trunk from Wireless Bridge #2

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Re: VLAN Routing between Interfaces


I have VLAN 1004 frm Switch #2 to RX #4.

Nothing on VLAN 1001, 1002, 1003

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Re: VLAN Routing between Interfaces

Any other suggestions?

Re: VLAN Routing between Interfaces


Love to spend a few minutes with you to look at this issue.  it sure looks OK to me. So my question is where are the other VLANs..

sending you a email with my contact details - no answer from you- 

The  wireless bridge is just a expensive replacement for a CAT5.

So why not pull back the switches back into a staging area and check connectivity between switches.

So replace the wireless bridge with a piece of CAT5 and try checking VLAN connectivity between switches.

I had trouble seeing any error in your switch configuration.  If there is no connectivity issues when you pull back my switches to a staging area,  then  we have to question the wireless bridge.

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