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vlan setup for guest network

I am new to networking and require some help in setting up my guest network.

I bought a SG200-08P switch and a WAP561 access point. In the access point, I was able to create two SSID, each under vlan1 and vlan2 (guest network) respectively. On the switch, I have created a vlan2. The access point is connected to port 3 of the switch, while another router is connected to port 1. How should I configure the ports on the switch so that both vlans can have access to internet? Right now, only vlan1 has internet access. And if I change the second SSID to be under vlan1 instead of vlan2, it will have internet access too.

I have setup port 3 to be in default trunk mode, and untagged to vlan1 and tagged to vlan2, but it still does not work.

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Just going through forums and

Just going through forums and saw your question. Did you get that worked out?


Hello, It appears your


It appears your configuration in regards to the switch and the WAP are correct, but for this to work your router needs to support VLANS.

What kind of router do you have?

Do you have both VLANS configured on it.

Please let us know.


Have you managed to figure

Have you managed to figure that out?

Could you please let us know what router model is connected to port 1?

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