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When to upgrade boot code 1.3.5.x


Some questions:

1. Do we need to upgrade the boot code every time the firmware we need to load is 1.3.5 and above?

2. What do we need to load first boot code or firmware? or any order will do?

3. From the notes below. Do we only need to update the boot code if we want hybrid stacking to work?

Will I be able to update to a 1.3.5.x firmware without the boot code?

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 1 - Generally if you are


1 - Generally if you are going to use recent firmware, use the correct boot code.

2 - We update both, then reboot.  (Boot code only updates via tftp).  the update may take 10-15 minutes go get a cup of coffee :).

3- hybrid stacking, also stacking over 4 units with manual selection.  there may be other bugs fixed that are documented in the SRN.


We've seen boot code fix dhcp issues, weird port status on boot, and a couple other issues I cannot remember. 


You can update the firmware without the boot code, but if you have any issues whatsoever, go ahead and do the boot.  if you want support from the SBSC, that will be one of the first thing checked.




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Thank You.-JM

Thank You.


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