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541n WAP can't connect

I just set up a new 541n WAP and am having trouble getting it to connect

to my network.  I set it up with a static IP and have triple checked

the settings.  Any hints are greatly appreciated.


Re: 541n WAP can't connect

Hey Ryan, can you elaborate a little further as to what it is your seeing on your end?  Any information will be greatly appreciated and we can use it to see what the issue is.  Sounds like it is plugging into a port on a a switch that has vlans configured or something like that.  Check into that and let us know. Thank you.

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Re: 541n WAP can't connect

Hi Ryan,

You'll definitely have to give some more detail - your question is a start but is very general.  First question might be are you unable to connect a device to your AP, or unable to just get to your AP's confiig screen?

If it's the latter item then how are you able to configure and triple-check the AP's settings it if you can't connect to it?

Assuming it's that you can no longer get to your AP's config UI, then details I believe we'd need are:

1.  Are you trying to connect to the AP over your wired connection or have you disconnected the cable and are trying wirelessly?

2.  If wired, what exactly is your AP directly connected to?  If it's an ESW switch please indicate the model.

3.  How many AP541N's are involved here?

4.  What's the basic layout of the network that this AP is part of?  (switches, routers, AP's etc).

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