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6x WAP321: Cluster needed?


We have set up 6 WAP321 and the goal is to deploy W-LAN throughout the whole building.


The setup for now is as follows

- Each access point is connected with the same switch through LAN

- Each AP has the same SSID

- No wireless security (= WAP2 disabled), we have a proxy server which does authentication

- Each AP has a static IP

- Each AP has a fixed, non overlapping channel (wireless frequency) assigned


The APs are NOT set up as a cluster.

Is there any advantage regarding signal quality, handovers, speed, bandwidth ... if we combine the APs into a single cluster (Single Point Setup)?

Or is the only advantage that it simplifies the management of the APs?



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Hello,My name is Eric Moyers


My name is Eric Moyers.

Thank you so much for using the Cisco Communities Support Forums. This is an excellent question.

Single Point Setup (Clustering) is only for ease of management. Putting your devices in Single Point Setup, will not change your current signal quality, handover ability, speed or bandwidth.

I hope this answers your question, if we can be of any further service or I can answer more questions, please let us know.

Eric Moyers
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