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8 WAP4410N in install 5 not working!


I am not sure how to go about this however I have installed a wireless network for a school using 8 WAP4410N Devices

3 of the devices are working fine however the other 5 will not pass DHCP requests through, it allows authentication however will not assign assign IP's from their Windows server

I have spent weeks trying to get them to work, a reboot works for a small time, I have updated to the latest firmware tried numerous different settings however I kept getting call outs Day after Day after DAY AFTER DAY... you get the picture, I have since replaced the five with budget access points and I have not had a call out since - honestly a £30 TP-link garbage doing a better job than a Cisco device?

I need to return them as they are sat on a shelf in my office however I need to open a support ticket first? I want to install these access points so is there any possibility of getting working ones? This is what I have quoted them for not cheap rubbish (that works suprisingly well)

Please help with this Cisco - why have you not corrected the problems, at this rate I will NEVER use a cisco wireless product again, they might as well be doorstops - such a great feature packed device - if they work

Thanks in advance

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