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802.11F IAPP WAP 4410N VOIP stability

Sorry if the title seems to be a combination of acronyms!

Anyhow I am looking to deploy 10 WAP4410N's in a building.  I am going to deploy with three different network SSIDs - guest access, office network and voice.  These will be fed by three seperate VLANs.  I want the 10 AP's to appear as one so will use the same SSID's and channels across all the 4410 seems to do this..

My question is if a user on an IP phone moves between AP's will they suffer big dropouts.  I have read that IAPP is not that good and there is quite a lot of time in renegotion (4seconds).  Is this true?  Is my only solution to deploy something like a 4402 with 1242 LWAPP's?


Re: 802.11F IAPP WAP 4410N VOIP stability

Hi wfairhurst,

The WAP4410N  and other small business AP  do not support seamless roaming Mobile voice clients.

The WAP4410N Administrators guide does  refers to roaming and suggests, " Roaming means that you can move your wireless computer within your network and the access points will pick up the wireless computer’s signal, providing that they both share the same wireless network (SSID) and wireless security settings."

You will find that without a controller based wireless network roaming of wireless Voice users will not roam seamlessly .

You are correct, there is a delay, however slight, in associating from one WAP4410N to another WAP4410N, that will cause say the CP-7921 phone to loose voice connectivity. This delay isn't normally as critical to PC connectivity, but is critical to wireless phone users.

Your assessment is correct, you will have to move to a controller based wireless network if seamless roaming of wireless VOIP clients is needed.

regards Dave

New Member

Re: 802.11F IAPP WAP 4410N VOIP stability

Hi all,

Somewhat new to the forum and I wasn't quite sure where to ask this question but I'm adding it to this thread.  I install custom AV systems with wireless touchpanels. I would like to be able to seamlessly walk around the house with them but when they move from one access point to another(WAP200, I was experimenting with 802.11f) they lose connection. when they come back on the new AP they take about 30 seconds to reload all the data from the system again.  I've tried using same SSID and different channel(that never works) and also using same channel(that configuration works better but not 100%). There doesn't seem to be much to set up with 802.11f.  I am using a WRVS4400N(wireless off).  Any thoughts on if I'm using this technology correctly, have I set it up correctly?  Thanks in advance for any input.


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