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Aironet 1310G dropping association

New situation:

Qty. 8 Aironet 1310G being deployed in infrastructure mode in a private network for Pelco Spectra 3 cameras to a Pelco DVR. Root bridge is on the roof top with three 120 degree 14 dB sector antennae for 360 degree coverage.  Qty. 7 1310G's as non- root bridges each with 24 bd grid directional antenna.  Two non-root bridges loose association and will not reconnect until power is cycled.  Typical signal strength is minus 57 to minus 62 dB.

Second site with 5 units - one root and 4 non-root reasssociate without any issues - normally due to high winds at non-root locations

A google search revealed I am not alone.

Temporary solution: installed 24 hour power timer with 1 minute reset at midnight to force reboot.

I need educating in how best to detail the issue in a manner that can be clearly understood and hopefully rectified.

Peter Jackson

Cisco Employee

Re: Aironet 1310G dropping association

It looks like an RF issue.

Please let me and Fred Niehaus know the following:

1) How far are the two non roots in question away from the root?

2) How far are these two non roots away from the adjacent non roots?

3) Aare these two non roots adjacent to each other?


Community Member

Re: Aironet 1310G dropping association

I am experiencing the same problem. How can I make the non-root side make the association? Is there a way to force it?

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