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Another WRVS4400N and WAP4410N in wireless client/repeater mode problem

As per the title, I am trying to set up a WAP4410N in client/repeater mode to repeat the wireles signal of my WRVS4400N.

I've followed the instructions found elsewhere on this forum to get them connected, and it starts to work - sort of.

Once I switch on the WAP4410N in a low(ish) signal area (I'm using an iPhone to test, but have had the same results with other devices), the signal strength increases to the maximum and the iPhone connects. However, the connection only lasts for about 10 seconds, the phone reverts to 3G, then reconnects to the wireless, stays connected for 10 seconds, disconnects - this sequence repeats for a few minutes before the phone connects to the WRVS (as indicated by the weaker signal strength), suggesting that the WAP is no longer broadcasting.

The 2 devices were set up by using the 'Site Survey' facility and found each other OK, and I've ensured that both are updated with the latest firmware. I've also ensured that the security settings on the 2 devices are exactly the same (although I don't think it would work at all if they were different)

It does seem that there's a lot of dicsussion (but not a lot of solution) about this particular setup and how it sometimes stops working after a few days - I wonder if I'm getting the same thing but immediately.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this issue, and how I can rectify it?

And as a second question - what is the purpose of the ethernet port on the WAP4410N - is it just for administration, or is there a way of using this port to connect to the WRVS rather than using wireless. After all, if you're looking to expand a wireless signal into an area where it's too weak to be usable, surely a wired connection would be better?


Another WRVS4400N and WAP4410N in wireless client/repeater mode


Using WDS Repeater Mode, the WAP4410N should work as a repeater for the WRVS4400N. If you wish to troubleshoot the issue, please post some screenshots of your config so we can see if there is anything unusual. Note that when using Repeater Mode the WAP4410N should NOT be plugged into the network as this can cause a loop and will take your network down very quickly. (This may be what you are experiencing)

The WAP4410N also can be used as a normal access point, where it is plugged into the router instead of trying to repeat it wirelessly. This is ALWAYS a better solution if possible. The only time repeater mode should be used is when there is no possible way to get ethernet from the router to the AP. To use this mode, simply set the WAP4410N to factory defaults and plug it into the WRVS4400N. Check the DHCP table of the router to find the new IP address. Log into the WAP4410N and configure the wireless settings. DO NOT use the same wireless channel in this mode or the devices will interfere with each other. To avoid interference use channels 1, 6 or 11. (Also try to avoid channels used by neighbors)

Please keep us updated.

- Marty

New Member

Another WRVS4400N and WAP4410N in wireless client/repeater mode

Hi Marty,

Thanks for your quick response.

Maybe taking a step back and letting you know what I'm trying to achieve would be the best thing - you can then advise as to the best configuration.

This WRVS is plugged directly into our firewall and offers 'Guest' Internet access, and as such is set up as a DHCP server. It has been working fine in this setup for over a year, but as the signal is a bit weak at the other end of the building, I want to improve it. If necessary, I can plug an ethernet cable into the WRVS and route it to where I want the WAP to go - that's not a problem. However, what I do want is to have the same SSID & password for both the WRVS and the WAP - I only want users to see one 'Guest_Wireless' network, not two different ones.

Will the setup you've described in your response do what I want it to? If not, what would be the recommended setup to do this?


PS nothing was plugged into the ethenet port of the WAP when I was getting the problem I described.


Another WRVS4400N and WAP4410N in wireless client/repeater mode


I'm happy to hear that you have the ability to connect the AP to the router instead of trying to repeat the signal.

You can configure the SSIDs and security settings exactly the same on each device. The only thing that should be different is the wireless channels to avoid cross chatter.

- Marty

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