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AP541N -connection issues

I have deployed a AP541N in our network today but am having trouble connecting a few clients.

Our authentication is through a radius server, and we are having excellent functionality with most users.  The one PC in question is an XP machine. I have configured the authentication type to PEAP (which we are using) and WPA2 AES.

When I log on to the PC the request is not even hitting our RADIUS server.  when I checked the logs on the unit, this is what I found:

Jun 10 16:32:12infohostapdwlan0: IEEE 802.11 STA 00:21:00:22:22:41 deauthed from BSSID 00:21:29:01:31:30 reason 1
Jun 10 16:31:40infohostapdwlan0: IEEE 802.11 STA 00:21:00:22:22:41 associated with BSSID 00:21:29:01:31:30
Jun 10 16:31:40infohostapdwlan0: IEEE 802.11 Assoc request from 00:21:00:22:22:41 BSSID 00:21:29:01:31:30 SSID XXX-XXXXX

I changed the MAC and the SSID in my output for obvious reasons.  I can't find what "deauthed from BSSID .... reason 1" means.

My PC is an identical XP machine, and access the network fine.  I replicated all W-NIC settings on the machine in questions as troubleshooting measure, but no help.

Any ideas?

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