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AP541N drops all clients unless radio set to 5GHz 802.11N

I have an AP541N-A-K9. For the past couple weeks it stops work at 5:00pm.  The clients can see the SSID but when they connect it fails.  The only way to get this to work again, is to set the radio to 5GHz 802.11N.  Setting the radio to anything else does not allow the clients to connect.

I have some older clients so I need this broadcast G as well.

I have upgrade the software to AP541N-K9-2.0(1).  Does not make a difference.  Reset to Factory defaulst and reconfig does not make a difference.  There are no Rouge AP's in the area.

Between the issues these have passing DHCP from a Windows server and now this, I'm thinking these devices are not fully baked.


Re: AP541N drops all clients unless radio set to 5GHz 802.11N

Hi Matt

Can i ask a favor, can you please attach the saved configuration file from  your AP.  I want to load it onto my AP541,  just to see and run with  your settings.

But can you be so mind as to  with ;

1.  It's IP address and VLAN you use for management purposes.

2.  it's user login and password.

I am surrounded by APs and microwaves. I just upgraded my AP to 2.0.(1) so i can check out maybe what you are seeing.

I am, like the many many  thousand of AP users out there, fortunate as to never have seen a problem on my APs.

But i would strongly suggest you contact the good folk at the Small business Support center (SBSC) and open a support case.

Can you reply with the case number,  so i can check out what they think the problem might be. I'm guessing they will want you to re-create the issue.

It does seem strange that the AP seems to shut down 2.4ghz at 5pm, almost like there may be some strong  interference on the 2.4ghz frequency at that time, hmmm really weird.

regards Dave

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